Thursday, July 22, 2021

A List Poem for Poetry Friday.

  1. I love making lists in my notebooks!  Recently I made a list of the things that I love most about summer. So, when I began to think about posting for Poetry Friday, I thought of my lists in my notebook and got an idea for today’s poem.  I began to play with the words in my list and created this poem. It’s so much fun to read through my notebooks, play with the ideas, and create something new. Some of my writing has become collages and some has become other pieces of writing and poetry. I also added photos that I’ve taken this summer. I hope you enjoy!

    Seasonal Delights

    Garden in bloom
    Ice cream outings 
    Long days
    Warm nights
    Beach sojourns 
    Evening thunderstorms
    Porch sitting
    Morning swims
    Neighborhood walks 
    Iced tea conversations 
    Poolside picnics
    Homemade pickles 
    Popsicles dripping
    All day reading 
    Garage sale surprises 
    Antique adventures 
     Simple summer pleasures 


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Sunday, July 18, 2021

Slice of Life… a Return to Stories

Last year, I left teaching and my beloved position as an elementary school librarian, I retired early due to some health issues. Since I’ve left, I hadn’t shared stories or read aloud to children in over a year.  Part of me missed it and another part of me made peace with the fact that I wasn’t meant to share books, poems, or tell stories anymore.  My friend and colleague had been asking me to be a guest storyteller in her virtual kindergarten class.  I avoided her invitation until recently when I accepted and looked at it as a challenge, of sorts.  

So, on a hot day in June, during the last week of school, I logged on to a Zoom meeting with my friend’s kindergarten class, to share some of my favorite picture books!  After I was introduced and the children were settled in, I began by previewing what I planned to share  I showed off my watermelon apron to let the children know I’d be sharing a book about eating watermelon (The Watermelon Seed by Greg Pizzoli).  I then introduced them to my friend, Corduroy.  I opened with an animated telling of Don Freeman’s Corduroy, as I showed illustrations from the classic picture book.  We then took a short dance break with the “Gummi Bear” song (Corduroy danced right along with everyone else, of course!).  I then shared The Watermelon Seed in an interactive way.  

The children, their teacher, and I all had a great time! It was as though I had never stopped telling stories and sharing great picture books!  I was surprised at how invigorated that I felt  I’m so happy that I agreed to come back to my love!Thank you, Raquel for not giving up on me!

Thank you for stopping by to read about my return to storytimes!  I’m happy to report that I will continue to volunteer for regular storytimes!  I’ll be able to share my love for picture books, poems, and all things story.  Stay tuned for more of my adventures in storytelling this upcoming school year.

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