Thursday, September 2, 2021


Me with a recent book purchase for a special collection.
Photo by Mark Soto

Poetry Ponderings
On Tuesday, I wrote a "Slice of Life" story called, My Bookish Book Collection.  It's a story about  the addition of a book for my collection of books about books, reading, and libraries.  As I reflected on this piece of writing, I began to wonder if I could turn it into a poem.  As always, my poems are works in progress, but I thought I'd share here.  

My Poem

Collection                                                                                                                                                          by Amy Soto

I have a special collection

of something I love -


They line many shelves all through my house - books.

A  favorite, curated, compilation, stars treasured books about libraries, reading, books.

I have a special collection of something I love -  books.

After playing around with the lines, I thought maybe this could be a shape poem (you have to look at it sideways). What do you think? Does it qualify as a shape/concrete poem?

Some of my bookish bookshelves.
Photo by Amy Soto

Poetry Love
I always have a large TBR pile and have recently decided that my weekly reads must include poetry.  Now that I am not in the school library, I don't have the opportunity to share poetry with children on a regular basis.  I'm still thinking of ways that I can do so and will be sure to share here, on Poetry Friday, when I do.  In the meantime, I decided to ensure that I am at least reading poetry each week.  This week, my poetry reading is one of my new favorite anthologies.  

From my poetry collection.
Photo by Amy Soto

This week's Poetry Friday roundup is being hosted by Heidi at My Juicy Little Universe.  


  1. Amy, I am glad that you asked us to see if your poem would qualify as a shape poem. I do see now that you pointed it out. Books on shelves are so important to me. I do love books and recently brought 100s of my special books from my former home on Long Island to my new home in Virginia. They welcome me each morning. I send #poetrylove wishes back to you.

  2. A bookish book collection. What fun! (No doubt you have Book! Book! Book!, one of my favorites.) I like the idea of the shape poem. Would you somehow put the lines on the spines of books?

  3. It could be a shape poem! Or you could do it as lines on a book spine poem of a towering stack of books :>) Two wonderful book choices lately...

  4. I agree about the shape poem, too. What fun to imagine all those 'treasured books'. If you saw my shelves, you would know I could, too! I have 'A World Full of Poems', another super one, as is "No Buddy Like A Book!"

  5. I'm wondering if you could rotate your whole poem to make the shape effect more easily apparent? (And I'm cringing a wee-bit, at that cup of tea on a book!­čść) I love your collection!

  6. Books about books are some of my favorites! Have you seen the poetry book INNER CHIMES? It is poetry about poetry!!

  7. Writing poetry about book about was 'bound' to happen. ;)

  8. Nothing could be a more perfect topic for a poem than the love of words and story in the form of books. Thanks for sharing your poem-in-progress with us!

  9. Lovely! And I say that as someone currently surrounded by books! :-)


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