Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Slice of Life Story: Finding My Way Back to Books

Last week, I wrote about, How Children's Books Saved My Life.  While this is true, the day that my husband passed, I entered what I call "The Reading Slump of a Lifetime."  I've been in reading slumps many times.  I can't seem to figure out what to read and nothing seems appealing, or to be able to live up to what I had just completed.   "The Reading Slump of a Lifetime," began that fateful day and lasted for about 2 years. For many months I had no interest in reading anything at all.  Then when I tried to pick up the pieces of my reading life, I began with picture books.  I just couldn't do it- picture books didn't appeal and I couldn't even fathom reading a middle grade or YA, not to mention and adult selection.  I was simply not interested in reading in the voracious manner that I once had.  Books seemed to be of the past, having to do with my previous life- before I was a widow.  Reading and books were lost to me.  I just couldn't fathom living the same bookish life.  

Talking about the reading funk didn't help, so I decided to give myself the gift of time and repeated attempts at reading whatever I thought it might help.  Eventually I realized that the bookish life that I so longed for, WAS my life.  I just wasn't the same person as I once had been.  What I needed was time. Time to heal and become the person that I am today.  That person is the bookish girl who loves everything about books, and reading, bookstores, libraries, and anything book-related.    

I am happy to report that I am back- the true book nerd that I always have been!  If anything, I believe that I am today, an even bigger bibliophile.  I read daily, continuously add to my TBR list, blog about books, bookshop regularly, seek out bookish adventures, care for a Little Free Library, visit LFLs, collect bookish knick knacks, talk about books, and decorate my home with bookish decor.  

I used to read as many new books as I could.  Although reading new releases is something that I do often, I no longer try to "keep up with the Jones'" of the book community.  I spend my time reading what I want, when I want. One of my pursuits is to catch up on the wonderful books that I may have missed over the years.  So, if you can recommend your favorites from the last 4 years, I'd love to hear about them and possibly add them to my ever-growing TBR list.  Please leave the titles in the comments. Let's talk books!  Thank you!

Happy Reading!  

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  1. Reading what you want matters! I, too, try to keep up with new releases when it comes to my own novel reading. However, I often find myself abandoning some of the most acclaimed books that some of the stars' book clubs recommend. They aren't for me and I've come to realize that's okay.

    Sorry for your loss. May your husband's memory always be for a blessing.

  2. I'm so glad the slump ended! I've had slumps before, but I can imagine that widowhood would be a doozy of a reason for a slump.


Slice of Life Story: Finding My Way Back to Books

Last week, I wrote about,  How Children's Books Saved My Life .  While this is true, the day that my husband passed, I entered what I ca...